MERKEBEINER (Merke) Daypack or......UL Overnight - $695.00

The primary feature that sets these 34" circumference packs apart from the LBPs is the internal back pad rather than the external velcro-on backpad and a lack of main frame length adjustment that LBPs and larger Sarcs have. Merkes also do not have the P&G bayonet option. You can order larger circumferences than 34" if you like, as with LBP packs. For smaller packs see the Bump 32 and 33. Price includes; removable MX compression strap system like LBPs, water bottle pockets, kangaroo pocket ( add $95.00 for panel zipper instead of kangaroo or $89.00 for full Spectra fabric for Kangaroo). Add $89.00 for Full Spectra reinforcing rim and bottom. Dual 1" or 1.5" or a combo of hipbelt buckles are standard. Unlike the LBP which can carry over-loaded with 50 lb. loads, these packs are softer and do not have the P&G Bayonet option, and are meant to be used in the 20 - 35lb. range. It's all about performance in a small light pack. They will certainly hold 50 lbs. or more, however, without construction failure. Below: A Merkebeiner made with 3.5 oz grid. Base price: $695.00.

Far left photo w/world's smallest McHale Pack.

Below: A Dyed Full Spectra panel loading / roll top Merkebeiner

Harness side below: Presto shoulder pockets shown also.

Below: A Merkebeiner made of small grid green Grid fabric (no longer available as small grid) with a tan Full Spectra daisy chains, bottom, and Full Spectra Kangaroo pocket. Add $89.00 for our new Full Spectra fabric for the Kangaroo - Kangaroo included in price otherwise. Last photo shows pack with MX compression strap system plugged in. This sample has 2 one inch belt buckles also. Hip-pack top pocket is included in $695.00 base price. Click photos.