MERKEBEINER (Merke) Daypack or......UL Overnight - $695.00

The primary feature that sets these 34" circumference packs apart from the LBPs is the internal back pad rather than the external velcro-on backpad and a lack of main frame length adjustment that LBPs and larger Sarcs have. Merkes also do not have the P&G bayonet option. You can order larger circumferences than 34" if you like, as with LBP packs. For smaller packs see the Bump 32 and 33. Price includes; removable MX compression strap system like LBPs, water bottle pockets, kangaroo pocket ( add $95.00 for panel zipper instead of kangaroo or $89.00 for full Spectra fabric for Kangaroo). Add $89.00 for Full Spectra reinforcing rim and bottom. Dual 1" or 1.5" or a combo of hipbelt buckles are standard. Unlike the LBP which can carry over-loaded with 50 lb. loads, these packs are softer and do not have the P&G Bayonet option, and are meant to be used in the 20 - 35lb. range. It's all about performance in a small light pack. They will certainly hold 50 lbs. or more, however, without construction failure. Below: A Merkebeiner made with 3.5 oz grid. Base price: $695.00.

With all the new fabrics hitting the market, add-on prices for UHMWPE is in flux. We tend to dye these fabrics and that adds dollars, but the prices are now much lower than during our 'Spectra laminated to DCF' days. DCF is 'CubenFiber' or Non-Woven Dyneema. Base price includes all regular fabrics and Spectra 'Grid' fabrics.

Far left photo w/world's smallest McHale Pack.

Below: A Dyed Full Spectra panel loading / roll top Merkebeiner

Harness side below: Presto shoulder pockets shown also.

Below: A Merkebeiner made of small grid green Grid fabric (no longer available as small grid) with a tan Full Spectra daisy chains, bottom, and Full Spectra Kangaroo pocket. Add $89.00 for our new Full Spectra fabric for the Kangaroo - Kangaroo included in price otherwise. Last photo shows pack with MX compression strap system plugged in. This sample has 2 one inch belt buckles also. Hip-pack top pocket is included in $695.00 base price. Click photos.