P&G, Plug & Go bayonet system:

P&G Bayonets - What are they? Below is a pic of the patented P&G system of the light packs - they add length to the 'Guide Harness' shoulder height frame system and in the process the shoulder harness converts from our simple guide harness to the Bypass Harness wrap-around yoke harness. Generally, it is the addition of a heavier load that causes the Guide Harness shoulder pads begin to wrap down around the shoulders. This is when the P&G Bayonets and Bypass Straps ( load lifters in other brands ) would be added.

The Bayonets can also be seen as a way to shorten the frame, to give climbers and hikers more headroom and freedom after they leave a base camp, as well as a way to lengthen a short frame for a heavier load. The bayonets from the larger CM pack have even been used to repair broken ski tips. The instructional DVD is available. These bayonet stays are just under 12" long x 1/2" x 1/8" and weigh 2.4 oz / set. They overlap the lower main frame for half of the length of the bayonets. In the photo, the top edge of the horizontal black band would represent the shoulder height of the wearer - which is also the top of the under-lying lower frame. Click for blowup.