Little Big Pack 37----------------Circumference 37" straight cut. The feature that is unique about this particular LBP 37 model; The rear dyed 4 oz. Full Spectra Kangaroo pocket is the full length of the pack and rolls up with the main bag under the roll-top strap.

$895 / $795.00 without P&G frame extensions. Base price includes a large rear Kangaroo Pocket, 2 large removable water bottle pockets, top pocket hip-pack (brain), single and double roll-top systems, Challenge Fabric bottom and lower sides, and twin lower adjustable stays of 7075-T6 aluminum.

Base price includes all regular fabrics and Spectra 'Grid' fabrics. Add $39.00 for 'spectra' type bottoms for water pockets.

With all the new fabrics hitting the market, add-on prices for UHMWPE is in flux. We tend to dye these fabrics and that adds dollars, but the prices are now much lower than during our 'Spectra laminated to DCF' days. DCF is 'CubenFiber' or Non-Woven Dyneema. Base price includes all regular fabrics and Spectra 'Grid' fabrics.

Top Load / Panel Loader style LBPs; Add $95.00 to base price for zipper.

Below: With special custom XL length full Spectra Kangaroo. Close-up detail below shows removeable compression straps. We call that feature Musical Compression straps. When both the buckles and straps are removeable, as in the LBP packs ( this feature can be on any McHale Pack ) , the feature is called MX compression straps. The vertical roll top strap is all that is really needed to vary the bag size with varying loads in these smaller packs. Packs also include a double roll-top system. The side 'compression' straps can be handy for strapping items to the side - items like skis, or diminishing volume so a pack is flatter against the back. The small rectangular hardware loops that hold the compression system can be used for a cord compression system as well. This model also shows dyed Full Spectra Water Bottle Pockets size large - 64 oz bottle capacity. 2 sets of yellow velcro pole/axe loops are shown. An accessory red 500 cordura regular basic belt pouch is also shown ($35.00 or $39.00 for long). Pack bottom is Full Spectra. Last photos show pack almost fully extended and with 2 Layer Summit Flap. Back vents are shown. Velcro opening on back vents allows foam changes, cleaning, and customizing. Regular price includes Lg or small water pockets and Full Spectra bottom and reinforcing rim above. A pack like this can make a long thru-hike a joy rather than a burden. The main pack bag, minus the kangaroo ( 400+ cuin ) in the first row of photos, is loaded to about the 2800-3000 cuin. level. Final photo shows an LBP 37 with small water bottle pockets that still holds quart bottles but are 2" less circumference. Last photo also has a regular length Kangaroo that ends just below the 2 Layer Bladder Holder Summit Flap. It is still longer than standard because the pack was made for a very tall person - 6'6! The final photo shows the Q-Bayo frame adjustment. When the hinge is folded the harness/pack bag shortens to accomodate it. Spectra for the Kangaroo $89.00 or $89.00 for shoulder pads (add to $795.00 non-bayonet base price). There is no extra charge for any weight of Spectra grid fabrics.