SARC accessories All McHale accessories are extremely well made and meant to last, like the packs, and are generally made to order...with much TLC! Scroll to see entire page. Use scroll bar to see entire chart  

Full Dyneema pack bottom and shoulder pads.

Full Spectra Shoulder pads $49.00


Ski, Wand and Water Bottle Holster click


Left and Right multi-purpose pockets - included with pack purchase New versions include drawstrings. This is the add on price for people that want water bottle pockets on a pack that comes with a sewn bladder system. Small, Lg(std), Xlg. Small holds a 1 quart Gatorade bottle and a Lg makes it easy to get in and out. A large will hold a 64 oz. bottle or a quart and pint bottle at the same time, Xlg makes it easy to get the 64 in and out.


Ski Guard Panels 1000 Cordura panels lash under the compression straps for winter use. Daisy chain construction allows for universal fit.


Crest Hip-Belt Pouch regular

Crest in use


Crest Hip-belt pouch large


Crest showing bungy system


Basic Hip-BeltPouch click

Shoulder pad pouch




Bungy activated, the Crest can pull away from hipbelt for much easier access - 150 cu in. Regular is 9.5" long on top, 4.25" tall at front, 5" tall at rear. Large is 7.25" tall at rear. Inner compartment can be used to add padding. Large Fits most point and shoot cameras and small binoculars at the same time. Very handy - as in fast and effecient. Holds pint or quart bottles if used for that. Large Crest is over 200 cu in. and can hold large SLRs and medium size camcorders easily, and size can be customized. Getting cameras in and out is easy also! YKK Uretex zipper is dust and water resistant. Pouches make great hand rests.

Basic Hip Belt Pouches: Uretex Zips but with a simpler attachment method and unpadded. Can easily hold most digital cameras along with other items easily.

Shoulder Pouch - $25.00 velcro flap closure

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Reg $42.00 includes bundgy adjustment.

Large Crest: $47.00




Basic $27.00






Top Hip Pack Map pocket additions

Prices include the hip-pack top on most McHale Packs. Hip-pack can be traded for the 2 layer summit flap.

Map pocket top adds extra organization and can displace volume of pocket below. Add $15.00 Click for image


Map pocket $15.00

2 layer zippered summit flap top pocket Image of summits w/bladder cannister holder.


single layer $35.00

Flaps come with hardware to hold TT Bladder holder.


Hanging internal Bladder Bags Can be customized. Gray dyneema Grid version weighs 2.5 oz. Can be hung inside against back.


$39.00 for triple threat: Hangs inside, on Compression straps, or clips under top pocket.

Accessory Pockets   

Standard Side Pockets

Volume is 400 cu. in.+ each. Locking zippers slides secure loads.  All side pockets include tent pole sleeves on rear that can carry snow flukes, small tripods, tent poles, etc. Fatty is the large circumference of the super 500+ without the length. Pockets double as hip packs. PRICES are per pair


Fatty: $99.00

Super 500 cu in side pockets

This a great way to add lots of quick access volume to your pack. Tent-pole sleeves have adjustable flap cover on back side.  These turn into hip packs and fit the older Alpineer and SARC series packs on request - sold as singles also. These are big! Price is per pair. Length can be custom.


$155.00 for 650 cu.in.

Skiers snow shovel pocket

Expedition Shovel Utility w/flap


Zippered utility pocket version of shovel pocket converted to daypacks




Kangaroo Pockets

This is a great catch all pocket for skins, pads, rope, etc.  It comes with a drawstring top and made from your choice of fabric.  This universal pocket can be attached to just about any pack on the market. Zip versions also available. These can be turned into daypacks. A larger version will be shown soon. Choice of 2 or 3 compression straps. The XLG zippered version is 15" tall and taller - can be made in custom sizes.





Large sewn pockets between daisy chains with and without velcro flap. Can be larger volume. Add $45.00 for spectra fabric.



$79.00 xlg Expedition shovel w/flap as daypack.


removable zip backpackers version of rear pocket: XLG $79.00