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Ordering update: Please email McHale Packs at the email address at the bottom of this page for pack inquires. Venmo, PayPal, Zelle are the best for deposits followed by Money Orders, and Checks. No credit cards.


Your General Body Information

The #1 FAQ is; When can I get my pack? Will I have it for this trip I am planning? These are custom packs so you can never get a pack as quickly as walking into a store. You have to see this as an alternative to the normal way of getting a pack. What you CAN get relatively soon is a demo pack, so you can begin to get familiar with our unique features like the Bypass Harness (click) and learn the ins and outs of the pack. The pack can be used for a trip after the fit is approved and can be used for free while waiting for the final product, after completely paying for the ordered pack.

Question #2: What features can I get on the demo? Most people that want a pack for light packing and UL packing don't need the P&G Bayonets - click and Bypass features. Many people are curious about these however, because they make for a very versatile pack. Although the demos are usually set up for the conversion, it is easy to use the pack in one mode or the other to see if you want the simple Guide Harness, which is unique on it's own, or one that transforms into the Bypass Harness. Naturally, the packs are less expensive without the P&G Bayonets and Bypass harness - like the LBP Packs. Most demos are set up with the most popular features.

#3: Do I have to get measured? No, not if you are local and come to the shop. If you are doing things by mail you need to measure yourself. It is best to have help for this. The measuring instructions link is here; MEASURE & Your general body information and again down below. Please follow the instructions carefully - our method is unique. It is also helpful to email a current photo of youself wearing a pack - preferably one with an internal-frame, but an external is fine - either way it gives us something for you to measure so we can have another comparative devise besides measuring body landmarks.

#4: Can I stop by the shop to get fitted? Yes, but mostly just for local Washington State area customers - otherwise this is a mail-order business. You must make an appointment - appointments are for purchases and fitting only.

When the demo gets sent you are emailed instructions on how to photograph yourself with the loaded pack on your body to assess fit. Please request these if we forget to send them. It is also VERY helpful to send a body type photo with your deposit and measurements - a backpacking photo or the like - before the demo is sent.

Demo fee amount depends on the type of pack you are interested in. Fees range from $550.00 for Bumps and Merkes to $650.00 for LBPs and larger S-Sarc type packs, and $695.00 for Critical Mass packs. Shipping for overseas and out of country shipping is generally about $90.00 to $130.00. All funds except shipping get applied to the final purchase. Demo deposits cover the value of the demo and shipping. Although demo deposits represent an intention to buy a pack, it is mostly to cover the value of the demo, they are not a commitment to buy a pack. You can get your deposit back minus shipping costs if you decide not to get one. Some dollar value is computed case by case for people that keep demos for unnecessarily excessive periods.

Measuring instructions link or click here: MEASURE & Your general body information

Please send deposits to: McHale Packs, P.O.Box 33672, Seattle WA 98133-0672.

Contact Phone: 206 533 1479......Email:

Please send correspondence to McHale Packs, PO Box 33672, Seattle WA 98133-0672