Sarc-Chasm P&G (LBP41)

Top load & Panel load, or w/kangaroo. $895.00 is base price with kangaroo pocket. $990.00 w/Panel load - top load feature. The panel load feature can be put on any of the P&G packs; S-Sarc, UnLtd S-Sarc, Popcan......add $95.00.

With all the new fabrics hitting the market, add-on prices for UHMWPE is in flux. We tend to dye these fabrics and that adds dollars, but the prices are now much lower than during our 'Spectra laminated to DCF' days. DCF is 'CubenFiber' or Non-Woven Dyneema. Base price includes all regular fabrics and Spectra 'Grid' fabrics.



Circumference profile of Chasm: 41 / 41 / 41

Left; A dyed Full Spectra Chasm P&G w/kangaroo pouch, single layer summit flap, and Crest belt pouches. Click image



41" of circumference is about the minimum for carrying bear cannisters horizontally without cramming. This pack can carry regular Bear Vaults and Garcia cannisters. The Can carrying Full Spectra Chasm below was recently built for the Muir Trail as it's first trip. Click for blowup.

Semi-light - This pack at the right weighs 4 lbs 15 oz complete even though it has a 420 fabric panel access with #10 zipper, a 1000D Cordura bottom, wide thick shoulder pads, and deluxe hip-pack top. With lighter versions of these features, the pack would weigh under 4 lbs.

The same pack with a summit flap it's 4lbs, 6 oz. With the bayonets out, and lid off in roll-top mode it is 3lbs, 15oz. Below: A Blue small grid S-Sarc+1 model. click image. The small flip/flap pocket clips onto the rear ( scroll way down ).

Click image below for blowup.

Below: resized with bayonets out for lighter loads in roll-top mode.

Top pocket types are optional on all packs and interchangable;

Summit Flap, 2 layer Summit Flap, and Hip-pack top, Hip-pack top w/bladder holder, Hip pack top w/water bladder holder and map pocket.

KANGAROO Pocket is optional.

Base price for complete Chasm w/P&G Bayonets, water pockets, hip-pack top pocket, and Kangaroo: $895.00.

Price for 100% Full Spectra packs is $895.00 X2 (plus 10% for color combos.)

Full Spectra rim and bottom is included in normal base price.

Spectra shoulder pads: $89.00 complete, $59.00 partial chest side

Full Spectra Kangaroo:

Add $89.00 to $895.00 base price.

For Panel Zipper add $95.00















Above: Black X Grid Top Load / Panel Load Chasm.
Zipper has bungy drawcorded zip flap that 
can be loosened. 

Below: Harness side with bayonets in. 

Below: With summit flap

Below: Bayonets out w/hip pack

Below: Roll Top mode without Bayonets

Click image below for a blowup. Pack shown is an UnLtd S-Sarc+1 with the panel load / top load feature.