The Super SARC & S-Sarc P&G (Plug & Go!) Ripstop Grid and Full Spectra, and other choices

Circumference profile: 42 / 42 / 42 - Bag height 34.5" without extension collar medium fit.

Breaking it down: If a $895.00 base price S-Sarc P&G seems pricey, keep in mind you do not have to buy the entire system. Minus the upper Bayonet Frame extension and top pocket the price is $725.00 and could be considered complete in itself. This is a roll-top pack with twin 7075-T6 stays that are adjustable in length, rear kangaroo pocket, a super comfortable hip-belt and back pad, and a Full Spectra rim and bottom that can take almost any abuse you can throw at it. You will probably be impressed how the pack can handle 35 - 40 lbs in this simple mode without the P&G frame extension. It will out carry anything in its class.

With all the new fabrics hitting the market, add-on prices for UHMWPE is in flux. We tend to dye these fabrics and that adds dollars, but the prices are now much lower than during our 'Spectra laminated to DCF' days. DCF is 'CubenFiber' or Non-Woven Dyneema. Base price includes all regular fabrics and Spectra 'Grid' fabrics.

Top Load / Panel Loader style LBPs; Add $95.00 to base price for zipper.


This pack is the straight cut version of the original SARC, the pack the Sarc Series is named after. The Popcan shape has now replaced the SARC - the reverse taper; smaller at the bottom than the top is more useful. Below: A dyed full Spectra S-Sarc.
Click image

The S-Sarc is our well known Weekend Warrior pack we developed in the mid 80s that has been getting better ever since. It has the volume necessary to
get you through a week of climbing or light packing yet it is not too much
for day or weekend use.

Below: Click image of dyed Full Spectra UnLtd S-Sarc +1 for enlargement.

Average Volume
4000 (cu. in.) - 4500 w/top pocket

Extended Volume
5,000+ (cu. in.) with various size extension sleeves

Harness Type
Guide and/or P&G

Zipper Access

Pack Weight
Minimum custom pack weight: 3 lbs.
Typical minimum weight: 4 lbs.
Maximum weight w/1000 Cordura 5 1/2 to 6 lbs.
This pack weighs 3 lbs., 12 oz.


With upper Bayonet frame extension, hip-pack top or 2 layer summit lid, 2 water pockets, rear kangaroo pocket, double and single roll-top, with Full Spectra bottom and rim: $895.00

Add a Full Spectra Kangaroo for $89.00 = $984.00 and you have reinforcing everywhere you really need it.


Add $ 89.00 for Full Spectra dyed Shoulder pads for regular fabric packs - partial $59.00

2 Layer zippered access summit flap $95.00 or trade for basic hip-pack top.

Below: A dyed Full Spectra Super-Sarc P&G

Below: Shortened with bayonets out.

Below: Harness conversions for each.


Above: A dyed Full Spectra Super Sarc with a 2 layer summit flap instead of hip-pack top. The rear Kangaroo pocket has an extra 'outrigger' daisy chain to help with strapping on gear like crampons. The side water pockets are the double pocket type that can hold pole type objects in a separate sleeve behind the water bottle. Below: More of a side profile. Click images for blowups. This 5,000 cuin. pack as is weighs 4.6 lbs. Ways to make it lighter would be a housed rather than grommeted drawstring, single layer water pockets, single layer and unreinforced bottom area, no Kangaroo, polypro rather than nylon web, smaller hardware throughout pack, lighter stays, our UL back pad. As is, this pack was built for rugged international travel and climbing. In the last photo below, in summit mode, the pack weighs 3 lbs, 6 oz. It would easily weigh well under 3 lbs if the main pack was lighter.


Below: In summit/daypack mode, without Bayonets, Bypass straps, water pockets, and lid and lid straps. Even like this, the pack can easily carry 30-40 lbs.

The new map pocket above the main compartment on the Hip-pack top pocket is optional ($49.00) . This fabric is wide X Grid. This color no longer available in wide grid. Grid Colors: Dark Gray, Black, forest Green, lime, orange.