Popcan P&G Semilight 500D Cordura

POP: Pacific Ocean Park - our name for the PCT and vicinity.

Popcan: A bear cannister fits in this pack horizontally with enough room to spare to keep the can from rubbing and 2/3 of the way down the bag shape tapers down to a smaller 0-Sarc bottom. Bear cannisters fit in all our packs except for Subpops and 0-Sarcs.

The Sarc Series P&G packs have now replaced the Non-CM Alpine II Bayonet packs. They are lighter and even more versatile.

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Price: $629.00
















Above: Popcan with a 2 layer summit flap. You can also get a single layer summit flap or hip-pack top. Below: side view showing the pack with more content. The entire pack with everything attached weighs 4 lbs., 7 oz. and could be stretched to carry almost 5,000 cu in.

Below: harness side showing detail of the Bypass harness. The royal blue stabilizer straps can be removed when the Bayonets, shown in a lower photo, are removed.

Below: the Bayonets. The set of 7075-T6 stays weighs 2.4 oz!

Below: After the bayonets are removed the pack turns into a very practical and capable daypack not to be confused with just any daypack. This is a mountaineers or serious outdoor persons daypack capable of carrying 30 to 40 lbs very comfortably while hardly loading the shoulders. It's the custom fitted Sarc Series Guide Harness that does it.

Below: In this photo, the lid and lid straps have been removed in favor of the center roll-top strap to save weight. The Kangaroo drawcord helps to compress the pack also. The weight of the pack in this final configuration with the backpad/vent and water pockets installed is....4 lbs.

With the water pockets removed at 2.2 oz. each it's 3 lbs 12 oz. The backpad weighs 4.2 oz with 5/8" evazote.