Critical Mass Panel Loaders Bayonet Style

Non-CM P&G Panel Loaders due late this Fall! (We're testing the prototypes now)


Applications/Use: For people that like full zip access. Many backpackers and backpacking photographers prefer the instant access of panel loaders and the versatility of the Bayonet system for side trips.

Average Volume
5,500 (cu. in.) volumes are custom. This model: Main compartment 30" x 16" x 10"

Harness Type
Yoke Bypass harness at both frame levels of Bayonet ststem

Zipper Access

Minimum Pack Weight
4 to 5 lbs
see Ultra-light page
for lighter weights

Price $695.00 up to 5,500

$739.00 - 6,000 cuin. +

Below: click on image for removable Bayonet detai.

Below: Cargo can be lashed in to keep it from sagging back. Up to 4 horizontal straps can be placed at the same time.

Custom pockets can be made for the interior. This one velcros to the zip panel to pad camera gear.


The heavy duty 7075-T6 Bayonet frame system, Critical Mass hip-belt, and Bypass Harness make carrying heavy loads a breeze. 50-60 lbs is easy and the system can withstand consistent carrying of over 100 lb. loads. Also, we stock different dimensions of metal for varous applications.




Above: Bayonet Panel Loader 6,000 Click images below for blowups. Pack is Blue Jean 420 with black 630 reinforcing and can be made from any fabric.

Below: With rear pockets lashed on. A wide variety of pockets can be made for the pack.

Below: With the upper frame Bayonets pulled, the pack rolls down almost to carry on size. It's great for the summiting photographer or for side trips.

More daypack detail without rear pocket showing roll top strap.