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SARC Semilight

This pack, our original SARC, is the pack the Sarc Series is named after.
It is our well known Weekend Warrior pack. It has the volume necessary to
get you through a week of climbing or light packing yet it is not too much
for day or weekend use. Along with the 0-Sarc and S-Sarc (The Sarc came first), it is
one of our most sought after packs. For a larger photo click here.
Mostly because of the need to carry bear cannisters, the S-sarc has largely replaced this pack.

Average Volume
3,800 (cu. in.)

Extended Volume
4,500 (cu. in.) w/ extension sleeve

Harness Type
Guide Harness

Zipper Access

Pack Weight
Minimum custom pack weight: 3 lbs.
Typical minimum weight with Standard fabrics: 4 lbs. The 4 to 5 lb. weight range is the Semilight category.

Maximum weight w/1000 Cordura 5 1/2 to 6 lbs

see Ultra-light page for
lighter weights


With zip:

This pack, made of 420/840 Fabric, weighs 4.25 lbs. With the top pocket replaced by a summit flap the pack weighs 3 lb, 14 oz. Add water bottle holsters back on and it weighs 4 lb. 2 0z. To qualify as an ultralight pack with us a pack would be under 4 lbs. with the water bottle holsters and a summit flap. This pack was made with ultralight features but because the fabric makes it heavier it falls out of the Ultralight category into Semilight.

Sarcs that weigh in the 4 to 5 lb. range we now call semilight for reference. This is a good weight range to get weight savings and toughness for serious cross country travel or tough climbing.



Guide Harness pictured at right. For a much higher resolution photo than the harness link above click here.