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Super-Critical Mass II

This is the highest performance big pack on the market.  With the Bayonet feature it's the most versatile. This pack sits right on the line between really big packs and more normal
size packs. If you want one pack that can do it all we recommend this one. Please see the Ultralight page for the lightest simplest version though.

It's great for weekend to 10 day plus trips. It can handle bulky sleeping bags and in general is a great workhorse for traditional backpacking and
expeditions. It has also become our default Mt. McKinley pack (MB-CMII also). Not a single climber has come back saying this pack is not big enough yet somehow it works great for all the regular trips too. For all practical purposes this
has replaced our 'Inex' of yesteryears. If you need a pack with a big sleeping bag compartment but want a more conservative volume otherwise, order this pack in the 'tapered' cut.. 

Average Volume
6,000 (cu. in.)

Extended Volume
7,000 (cu. in.)

Harness Type

Zipper Access

Minimum Pack Weight
see Ultra-light page
for lighter weights

See UL page for SpectraGrid

To exchange black 630 fabric shown add $75.00 for Gray Full Spectra

Pull the bayonets from the big pack and roll the bag down under the lid and you have a transformed pack! Add a summit flap, remove the back vent, tug the compression straps and you won't know this pack is what we call 'The
Super Critical Mass Alpine II' that can out carry any pack on the market. With this versatility you'll keep your pack with you more and avoid theft and animal damage. This feature also makes our packs great for travel. Get the video.








Royal Blue Spectra Grid w/Black HT 630 reinforcing.

Below: A wide daisy chain version with cobalt 420 reinforcing.