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Super SARC

This is the pack that offers maximum volume, maximum simplicity, and maximum helmet headroom.   S-SARC is our high-volume alpinists' pack (see also ultralight and semilight versions). This is the unlimited version of the Sarc. It has a straight cut body and more volume than the Sarc. At about 5,000+ cu. in. w/extension sleeve there
is enough room for pretty big climbs or backcountry outings. Without an extension sleeve and without the top pocket the packs measure 3,900 cu. in. The silver 420/840 model above is reinforced with black 630 and was recently shipped to Alaska.

Mark Bebie used a Super Sarc on the 2nd ascent of the Infinite Spur of Mount
Foraker in Alaska. Mark's pack was his second Sarc and he had it made to 4 lb. specs with 500 Cordura (this was well before our current crop of high tech fabrics). There is a great photo of Mark with his pack on page 107 of 'Selected Climbs In The North Cascades'. The packs on pgs. 80 and 226 are also McHale Packs...! The Super Sarc was also used extensively by Scott Fischer on ascents of Everest , K2, Lhotse, Broad Peak... The graphic header photo at the top left of this page is Scott on a climb of Ama Dablam with Steve Swenson. There is a good photo of Scott putting his pack on in Jon Krakauer's Illustrated Edition of 'Into Thin Air' pg. 170. 'Big Al' is short for BIG ALTITUDE.

Did you know there are no industry standards for how strong a climbing pack haul loop should be? Of course this is also true for compression straps and etc. When shopping for a pack don't be afraid to stick your foot through a haul loop and try to rip it out - especially with light packs. You might be surprised at how often you can accomplish this.


Extended Volume
5,500 (cu. in.)

Harness Type
Guide Harness

Zipper Access

Minimum Pack Weight
4 lb.
see Ultra-light page for
lighter weights