Non CM Panel-Dome w/Guide Harness, Q-Bayo Bayonet Panel-Dome with P&G, and Top Loading Panel loader P&G (end of Scroll)


The 'un' top loader, our panel loading Frame Domes make access easy. Climbers don't use panel loaders because of zipper vulnerability but for general hiking they are so handy. We build them with our CM frame system, Non-CM, and Guide Harness Frame system and new for Fall 2007 we build them with a 'P&G Bayonet' system, as well as our 'Q' Bayonet system. Now, even if you are very tall and your McHale Panel loader's frame is 26" long it can shrink down to to a nice and easy 22" or less carry-on size. This is One Trick Pack. The frame can actually be 4 different lengths in one frame. Non-CM models only

All zippers have self locking slides for security. The main zipper is a #10 YKK. The new bayonet panel packs also utilize the vertical and removable 'Roll Top Strap' for added load and zipper security as an option.

Weight: 4lbs., 4 oz. with 420 fabrics.

Even though this pack was made for a tall man and has 26" twin 3/4" stays, large hip belt, a 1000D Cordura bottom and 420 pack cloth upper, internal organizing pockets on the inside of the main panel it comes in at only 4lbs, 4 oz. For a regular size person this pack would easily wiegh under 4 lbs.

Volume: 3,800 cu.in. and custom.

The layout of this particular pack is custom.

The rear pocket size is custom and the client added the daisy chains for snow shoeing.

Non-CM model Prices:

Price: $595.00 Guide Harness version includes Q-Bayos

P&G Bayonet version $689.00

Scroll to bottom to see red 1000D custom styled version.

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Click photos for 8x10 images. The new packs for Fall 2007 will have more versatile compression systems like the Blue Jean 420 CM Bayonet panel loader.

Below: A red 1000 Cordura version approximately 3,000 plus cu. in. and weighs 3 lbs., 15 oz.

Pack can be made up to 4,000 cu in. and larger.

Below: The P&G Top loading Panel loading Roll Top! Pack will actually go taller. Excess bag height is held by blue roll top strap under lid. Priced as other P&G bayonets except the panel load feature is traded for the Kangaroo pocket.

Below: Same pack with Hip pack bladder carrier (Click) and rear lid straps, bayonets and bypass straps removed removed. Click images for blowups.

Below: Harness side show ByPass Harness highlighted with red Bypass straps.